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Dear Mr. Cates,

Just a short note to let you know just how much we appreciate all the things you do. Since we began riding at your stable in fall 2011, my children haven’t just learned how to ride, but we’ve discovered an extended family.

It would take quite a while to tell you about all the little things that you & your staff do on a daily basis that make your stable a very special place. Let me just say that the attention to detail and how much everyone obviously cares about what they do is very much appreciated.

Both Megan & Emily have grown alot in the past year & riding has become an integral part of their life & “the” activity they just can’t wait for every week. I do hope that given the opportunity, this note will serve to inspire new customers to step outside the box a bit & get their kids engaged in horses.

The one thing I’ve learned in the past year is that kids learn things on the back of a horse that they just can’t learn in school or be taught by a parent.

All the best,

The McLeod Family


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