Show Requirements

Once you or your child have decided to compete in Saddlebred Equestrian events attended by PCS, there are a number of things to consider and be aware of. We wanted to share all the little things you need to purchase up front so you may plan for it.

Saddleseat show attire is very specific, but generally a unisex approach. In Academy classes, where the rider is using one of the PCS lesson horses in the show ring, below is a list of items and apparel you’ll need prior to the show date.

We recommend contacting one of the many Saddleseat Consignment vendors on the internet at least 30 days in advance of any show you choose to participate in. Most specialize in consignment saddleseat apparel for all ages & it is much more cost effective than having something custom made for your child. She also takes consignments, so as your child grows, you can exchange your show clothes and save some money!

If new clothing is preferred, Hartmeyer Saddlery offers basic saddleseat attire at reasonable prices.

Academy Class Attire Requirements:

  • Helmet or Derby (Helmets are encouraged for riders under 18 years of age, but are not required in the show ring)
  • Vest & Shirt
  • Tiebar (This bar attaches the lapels of the shirt, underneath the tieknot)
  • Number Magnets (These jeweled magnets attach competition numbers to the back of the vest, Safety pins work, but aren’t as fancy!)
  • Jodphurs (Jods) (Jods are equestrian slacks/pants for show riders that include a strap to ensure they stay extended to the end of the paddock boots while riding & typically have a flare at the bottom)(
  • Paddock Boots
  • Hairspray, Hairnet, Hair-pins, etc (For the girls & ladies, hair is typically pulled into a low bun, supported by a hairnet & hairpins. At all the shows, there are plenty of parents to help you out if you bring the supplies!)

By the time you move on & acquire your own horse, you’ll be well versed in the requirements for junior or adult classes.

If you do have questions about equipping for the show ring, please do contact us with any questions!

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